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Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

Prevent Identity Theft!

Protect yourself from identity theft with key information

More than 27 million Americans have been a victim of some form of identity theft and the numbers increase year after year.  Hawaii Schools Federal Credit Union employs several layers of security to prevent unauthorized and unlawful access to members' personal information.  We outline these safeguards in our Privacy Policy.

There Are Ways You Can Help!
To ensure the maximum security possible with your personal information, we also need your help.  The following tips help thwart any possible intrusion on your personal information.

  • Do not give out your financial information such as checking account and credit card numbers or even your social security number to those whom you are not familiar with, or those (even if you know them) where you have not initiated the transaction.
  • Report lost or stolen checks, credit cards, or ATM cards immediately.
  • Notify us if you receive suspicious telephone, postal mail, or e-mail inquiries about your personal financial information.
  • Guard your ATM personal identification number (PIN) including any receipts or documents containing your entire ATM card number.
  • Shred unnecessary/unwanted financial documents.  This includes shredding any unsolicited credit card or other financial offers as well as financial statements that you no longer wish to keep.
  • Use a United States Postal Service mailbox for your outgoing mail.  With mailbox theft becoming more and more popular, your outgoing bill payments or contract renewals containing your personal information is vulnerable; seek-out a USPS receptacle.
  • Be aware of your billing intervals.  If your regular bills do not arrive in regular intervals, call to be sure you understand why you haven't received any bills.
  • Look for any billing discrepancies.  If your billing statements, or account statements contain irregular information or transactions, investigate them immediately.


Call us for more information!  If you have any questions or concerns about protecting your financial information and preventing identity theft, call our staff at (808) 521-0302, or toll-free (866) 521-0302.